Solidarity for Afghan Families


Though SAF was quite young organization, but due to recruitment of experienced, qualified, and committed employees, building team work spirituous, establishing of accountable and transparent financial management system and building the capacity of its staff members, demonstrated a strong capacity in running and implementation of several projects and dramatically expanded in a very short period of time. SAF through its existing projects has targeted below main beneficiaries in kabul, Balkh, Jawzjan and Nimroz provinces:
1. Kabul province: 

  • a. Directly 1375 Injecting drug users in all districts of Kabul city.
  • b. Families of 1375 Injecting drug users and all other smoking drugs.

2. Balkh province:

  • a. Directly 495 Injecting drug users(IDUs), all patients living with HIV.
  • b. Indirectly all other drug users (DUs) and their families, all male prisoners and whole population of Mazar-e-Sharif city

3. Jawzjan Province:

  • a. Directly whole population of Jawzjan province (534000 individuals)
  • b. Indirectly all migrants of the province

4. Nimroz Province:

  • a. Directly whole population of Nimroz province (166003 individuals)
  • b. Indirectly all migrants of the province

In the past few years, SAF has enjoyed significant achievements towards increasing accessibility of mothers and women at child bearing age to quality reproductive health services including antenatal care, intra partum care, emergency obstetric care, postpartum care, counseling and modern family planning services through skilled birth attendants. As a result, SAF has received many appreciation letters from provincial public health directorates (PPHD) and donors for getting positive outcomes from its services.

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