Solidarity for Afghan Families


Solidarity for Afghan Families (SAF) as a non-governmental, non-political and non for profit organization with an independent legal identity, was established in October 2005 by a number of innovative, experts and experienced Afghans. SAF accordingly on October 2005 was registered with the Ministry of Economy (Reg. No. 148) focusing on four areas of work: 1) Health; 2) Education; 3) Social Development; and 4) Agriculture & Husbandry and on December 2010 renewed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Public Health (MoU No. 221) and then was updated on 25-11-2014.
To get to a developed and welfare society for Afghan families.
To empower and enable Afghan families to combat against diseases, poverty, social injustice and illiteracy.
Values and Principles in SAF:
The main values of SAF in implementing above mentioned mission are first and foremost as below:

Moreover, the following working principles should be adopted by the staff members of SAF:
1. Independency:
This organization is led by a Board of Directors, and all its members follow the accepted norms of the country and the rules and regulations of the non-governmental organizations.
2. Being non-political:
This organization is not affiliated with any political parties or organizations, and does not participate in any kind of political activities.
3. Justice:
SAF is against any kind of ethnic, tribal, linguistic, sexual and regional discrimination.
4. Professionalism:
This organization performs all management procedures on the basis of professional standards.
5. Transparency and accountability:
Transparency and accountability are strictly taken in to account during all activities. 


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